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Water Tanks

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Water Tanks

Water is essential for human survival and well-being and important to many sectors of the economy.  Demand for water, potable water supply, fire protection, and irrigation among other uses, reflects population density, climatic conditions, and a general trend of migration out of the cities into suburban and rural areas not served by municipal water systems.  Once sources of water are tapped, Snyder has a broad range of economical storage and transport tanks to serve this industry. Snyder’s designs and offerings cover both indoor and outdoor applications as well as above-ground and below ground installations.  Whether for storage or handling of new groundwater sources, adding to existing groundwater systems, or collection and storage of rainwater, Snyder has a solution.

Snyder offers:

  • Economical and corrosion resistant polyethylene construction.
  • Broadest range of above and below ground water tanks in the market.
  • Water tanks which require NSF61 certification is needed.
  • Water tanks which meet NRCS specifications including ASTM1998 and NSF61.

Droughts and water restrictions are worsening across many parts of the US and municipal water costs continue to rise. Rainwater harvesting provides a means of supplying a dependable water source for non-potable applications like landscape irrigation or non-potable household uses such as laundry or use in flushing the toilet, which constitutes 40% to 60% of all water used nationwide for residential use and even more for most commercial applications. Snyder has the solution with Rain Captor, a full range of above and below ground tanks and accessories for rainwater harvesting applications.

Snyder sells its water tank products through a series of dedicated wholesale establishments who provide a great variety of products to contractors involved in the water well and plumbing business. Distributors who market Snyder water tank products include: 




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