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Fittings & Accessories


Part No. Description
34701546 NuConSept Rib Tank Tee Assembly, no gasket
34200852 Dominator Low Profile Tank Tee Assembly, no gasket
34701333 3" Cistern "U" Vent assembly
33100951 4" inlet/outlet gasket
34701197 Tamper resistant bolt kit (4 bolts, one driver bit)
Septic/Cistern Riser - 12"
34300018* 24" Septic/Cistern Lid
5220000W94201* 24" Septic/Cistern lid with 12" Riser x 30" height
  * = risers/lids compatible with Dominator, Sphere, and Rib tanks only.
These are not compatible with NexGen D2 tanks.

Note: Snyder Industries approved parts. Any generic substitute installed on a Snyder Industries tank or container may invalidate product warranty protection.










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